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Red & White Headlamp Flashlight

product sample photoAs paranormal investigators ourselves for many years, we know our hands are usually full. This headband flashlight leaves your hands free and offers a few modes from bright white light for optimal safety to red light which is easier on the eyes.

Speaking of hands-free use, this light also turns on and off at just the wave of your hand. 

  • Hands-free headlamp flashlight
  • Red and white colors with 5 modes
  • Awesome brightness packing quite a punch of light
  • Comfortable rubberized texture for non-slip and comfort
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wave on/off switch for ease when your hands are full

5 Modes to Choose From

This light offers a few great options at the tap of a button or a wave of the hand. You can flood the room with white light when you need optimal visibility or tone it down in half. When you're with other investigators, red light is far easier on the eyes making this a much better option so you're not blinding fellow investigators. They'll thank you for that! A strobe option may prove helpful in an emergency or road-side situation. Or maybe you want to get your team member's attention from across a field. This'll do the trick, for sure.

  • Mode 1: Front bar in bright white light
  • Mode 2: Front bar in lower white light
  • Mode 3: Front bar in red light
  • Mode 4: Side white spotlight
  • Mode 5: Strobes all lights as a safety measure for attention 

Why is red light better for low light situations?

Red lighting helps preserve night vision capabilities of the human eye.

This head-mounted flashlight utilizes a red lighting option. Red is specifically used to help investigators preserve their night vision. In short, the human eye takes quite some time to adjust into dark environments and can have a harder time seeing properly. Surely, you've experienced this effect walking into a dark room directly from the sunny outdoors. Your eyes take a few minutes to adjust because they've become accustomed to the bright sunlight.

Different colors have various effects on the human eye from green (having the longest recovery time) to red which has little to no affect. Because red has the lowest affect on the human eye, it is the optimal choice for use in dimly lighted environments to preserve what you can see at all times.


  • Rechargeable battery via USB-C cable provided
  • 5 modes for light options
  • Wave on/off switch sensing distance ~4"
  • Up to 600 lumens
  • Weather resistant for use in in the rain and humid weather
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Charging time: up to 2.5 hours
  • Battery Life: 2.5 - 8 hours depending on Mode
  • Durable and strechable headband with silicone, adjustable to fit any head size
  • 230-degree illumination side-to-side.


  • Headlamp
  • USB charging cable



Turn on by holding down the power button for a few seconds. Press the power button quickly to cycle through the Modes 1-4. Mode 5 is accessible by holding the power button down for several seconds.

Hands-Free Wave On/Off Function

To use the wave on/off switch, press the 'sensing' button to the right of the power button. Now, as you wave your hand over the sensor it will turn the light on and off in the selected mode.


To charge the battery, use the provided USB charging cable. Charging time takes about 2.5 hours. Battery life runs about 2.5-8 hours depending on Mode.

9 Reviews

  • 5
    Best headlamp ever!

    Posted by Tom Griffin on Jun 8th 2023

    This headlamp is amazing! It's hard to find a cob amp with red lights as an option and here it is. The motion activation is a must when your hands are full with a Trifield in one and an Sbox in the other lol.

  • 5
    Red light headlamp

    Posted by Headlamp flashlight on Feb 9th 2023

    Great price, arrived quickly and in great condition. Works great.

  • 5
    Great light for the price

    Posted by Robbin on Dec 5th 2022

    These lights are not only great for investigations but work well for general use. I have charged mine and used it a few times and eve after two weeks of no charge still working great. These are also going to work well on fire/rescue calls when you want to light up what is in front of you instead of at your side. Interesting to see how the red light will work in smoke as well. Looking through cars at an accident just got easier with this and we have both hands for patient care.

  • 5
    Great !

    Posted by Rachel Yeppez on Nov 28th 2022

    Light is bright and works great ! Fits well too !

  • 5
    Light things up

    Posted by Rev Charles Margarido on Nov 23rd 2022

    Around the house, and outside, gives sufficient light, and works well. Also I will add it is comfortable to wear.

  • 5
    Great headlamp!

    Posted by Shaunna on Nov 1st 2022

    Wow are these lights bright! You will have no problem seeing your way around a location. The white is really bright for investigating but the red light works instead for that. It's super comfortable and easy to control. I would definitely recommend for a hands-free light!

  • 5
    Brilliant, Awesome and BEST headlamp

    Posted by Shawn E Hanycz on Jun 9th 2022

    I got 2 and buying a third! Extremely bright, red light and motion activated, including a smaller led light on the side!

  • 5
    Headlamp Flashlight

    Posted by ISDP on Apr 19th 2022

    Works well. More comfortable that traditional headlamp

  • 4

    Posted by Steve O on Apr 11th 2022

    Just got it in the mail. First inspections, it's pretty cool. Haven't used it on an investigation, so I can only give it 4 stars before I can really see how long battery will last and hot bright the red light is, but the white light is very bright! Neat tool. I've got headlamps, but this one is extremely low profile, so it's not likely to get in the way very much or accidentally be hit by something.