Ghostly Mirror Frame

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Ghost Wall Decor Glow-in-the-Dark Mirror Frame 

Spookify your home decor with this ghostly mirror sculpture – a spooktacular addition to any home. This eerie masterpiece is just what you need all year long - not just for Halloween.

It's not just a mirror, but a portal for the spirit world! It's as if a mischievous ghost decided to make your walls its new home. This translucent resin sculpture features an antique mirror frame look that elegantly conceals a spirited presence and it's here to add a dash of supernatural charm to your space.

Glows in the Dark and Ultraviolet for Added Spookiness.

Did we mention it glows in the dark? Or just add a UV light for an awesome glowing effect to kick the eerie factor up a notch. For glow-in-the-dark, just charge it up with regular light, sunlight or UV and watch it glow on its own for a long time.

Add a Unique and Chilling Touch to Your Decor.

This ghostly marvel is ready to find its home base and haunt your humble abode! Place it above a creaky staircase, in a dimly lit bedroom, or anywhere that needs a hint of the supernatural.

Male and female versions - or get them both.

This spooky specter comes in two versions, male and female. But both are awesome. One features a lady in an otherworldly dress emerging from the mirror in the creepiest of poses. Her hair flows backward, as if she's just popped out of the mirror in a spine-tingling hurry.

The male version depicts a well-dressed gentlemen emerging from the mirror with a candlestick. You can't go wrong with either. Or collect them both.

Glow Up Your Decor with this Spooky Conversation Starter

As a home decoration, this sculpture of a ghost emerging from an antique mirror cast in resin is a perfect addition to your gallery wall in the front hall. It's the ultimate conversation starter, a fantastic focal point, and a ghostly guardian of your castle. So, why not let this ghostly companion keep watch over your space, and turn your home into a paranormal playground?

Get ready to spookify your space with the Glow in the Dark 3D Ghost Mirror Sculpture – it's more than just a home decor piece; it's a hauntingly good time waiting to happen!


This is an actual sculpture made with resin for a cool glowing effect. Beware other listings online that (if you read the fine print) are just wall decals. This is an actual three dimensional sculpture to hang on your wall.

Size: ~7”h x 4.5”w x 3”d

For Hanging: Hanging hook on top for hanging from a wall nail.

*NOTE: This listing is for ONE of the above frames - male OR female. Select which version you prefer above or choose both.

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    Posted by Unknown on Nov 23rd 2023

    Everybody loves the statues they been trying to get it from me it takes a while for it to glow