Ghostbusters Slimer Animatronic

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Ghostbusters logo Ghostbusters Slimer Animatronic

Slimer is back! The mischievous green ghost from the Ghostbusters entertainment -- is back to haunt Ghostbusters collections! This "so ugly, it's cute" little spud is an eerily interactive toy ghost with over 40 spooky sounds to discover.

Slimer "Squash and Squeeze" Animatronic Toy

40+ Spooky Sounds!

With over 40 sounds inspired by the Ghostbusters entertainment, one can never know how the Slimer ghost toy will react


Shake or squash the Ghostbusters Slimer toy, or press down on the figure’s tongue, to elicit entertainment-inspired sounds

With franchise-inspired design, the iconic Class V Full Roaming Vapor comes to life in 7-inch scale, with a jiggly, squishy texture that feels creepy to the touch. Fly, shake, or swing the Squash & Squeeze Slimer and he’ll react with motion sounds! Press Slimer’s tongue to hear metaphysical munching sound effects, ghostly and ghastly burps, and more! Squash down on Slimer but be careful because he may react angrily!

Ages 4 and up.

Officially licensed product.