We're puting our 3D printers to work. COVID-19 Medical Supply Printing

Due to needs of the medical community we are switching some of our manufacturing over to 3D printed medical supplies. With family and friends in the medical field we felt a push to help them out and put our methods to use for them. But we need help with supplies, if you're able. See below.


We need help!

You can help by sending us or purchasing some supplies needed. These are items we use to manufacture the projects currently deck.

Things we need:

  • Filament for 3D Printers - HIGH Priority (this is the plastic used to print the products)
  • Filament for 3D Printers - HIGH Priority (this is the plastic used to print the products)
  • Buttonhole Elastic - HIGH Priority - (Having a hard time finding this. If you know of any place with this stuff, we could use it. This is used to secure the face shield in place.)
  • Clear Shield Sheets - This is the transparent face shield material
  • Amazon Wish List - other items we need for production
  • Ultimaker 3D Printer - More printers = more product. (pricey but worth throwing out there right?)
  • (will add more as we move forward)

Send supplies to:

27 E 13th Street
Saint Cloud, FL 34769
United States


Some people have been so kind to ask, "can I make a donation?" First off, you're awesome and we're GRATEFUL for any help. This will help in the event we need some additional supplies or a printer needs maintenance. Yes, 3D printers can be SUPER high-maintenance jerks! They're especially turdy when they're working hard without a lunch break. Twerps! So, here is a donation button from PayPal that goes right to us.



Where these items are going...

First, we're working to supply our local hospitals in Central Florida. There are 3D printing groups and makers everywhere working hard to supply their local facilities. Once that goal is achieved, the supply gets collected and distributed beyond. Even if you don't help us, you may find a local group of 'Makers' who are working on similar projects to aid their community. We are just one of many.