Our Crew

The GhostStop Crew

We build it. We are passionate about it. We are GhostStop.

GhostStop was started by experienced paranormal investigators with a specific passion for equipment used in the field. Below is a little glimpse into the crew that makes up GhostStop, our expertise and a little about our passions.

Shawn Porter

Owner | Lead Investigator

Shawn, owner of GhostStop, has worked with some of the most notable in the paranormal field providing technical expertise and designing equipment for teams and paranormal shows around the world. He has appeared on Ghost Hunters bringing in new tech and investigating along with TAPS. This experience as a respected investigator lead to development of several well-known pieces of investigative gear and eventually lead him to start GhostStop. Prior to this Shawn has a long career designing and programming for a handful of popular brands and products though his passion is in turning a small spark of a concept into a big bang of an idea. He enjoys Star Wars, drawing, a good video game, poker and general geek awesomeness. Shawn has a great passion for creative thought and learning new things. Just don't ask him what he did 5 minutes ago - he probably doesn't remember.

Web site: Shawn Porter


Resident Ghostly Advisor

Gus has been interested in the paranormal all his life. Being a ghost himself, he is a complete believer. Gus is an actor by trade and has been a stunt double or an extra in many films including Ghostbusters, Ghost and The Shining. He loves traveling, long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners and practical jokes on the living.


Operations Manager

Jen is one of the few central Florida natives left on this planet. Even more rare, she's a Florida native who still enjoys Disney. Princess Jennifer keeps us in check and on good behavior (mostly) with her sometimes-annoying organizational habits. She loves pens. All of them. Seriously, if you bring her a pen she'll love you forever. Jen is also our resident medical adviser, fur-baby keeper and keeps us well informed on what the Hollywood celebrities are up to.


Customer Service Tech | Investigator

Many people in the paranormal field know Bob well as a veteran investigator and an all 'round good dude. The first thing you'll notice about Bob is his passion for learning more about you and that hearty New York accent. We've known him for over a decade as an avid investigator who loves tech. Bob loves Supernatural, both as a field and the TV show. If you call up, ask him, "Sam or Dean?"



Amber enjoys a nice swim in our packing-peanut box. She's the shipping queen who gets it done and takes great pride in her work. Amber loves gaming and has a big heart for our animal friends with fur and four legs. There's an extra special part of her heart devoted to animals of the ocean variety.


Engineering Technician

As a fellow geek and maker of things, Derrick loves working on all the things that buzz and beep. Having taught electronics manufacturing and development to students, he is an avid learner and teacher. The chances of catching Derrick at Disney are very high.


Assembly Technician

Whether it be electronics or a hot rod BMX bike, Gavin is rippin' it up and rockin' in his own style. On the weekends you'll probably find Gavin tearin' it up at the local skate park. On Monday you'll find him nursing a hellacious knee scab. But he does it all knowing that sometimes it takes a few scrapes to get the job done well.


Assembly Technician

Jeremy is the newest addition to the GhostStop Crew. He comes to us with a strong background in advanced electronics manufacturing and prototyping. He's a family man and fellow gear head with a sweet motorcycle. We're excited to see where his expertise will help us create and grow our line of products in the future.

Our Investigation Team

GSI ( GhostStop Investigations) can help you! Whether you are dealing with paranormal phenomena in your home or just need some advice, GSI can help. With years of experience working with some of the best in the field GSI has the knowledge, equipment and helpful advice to help you. We take pride in our professionalism, knowledge of our equipment and our ability to help our clients understand what may be happening. Everyone in the GhostStop crew is also an investigator!

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