We Buy USED Ghost Hunting Equipment!

Do you have some gently-used ghost hunting equipment you would like to sell? We buy pre-owned gear in good, working condition so you can upgrade your arsenal.


  1. Fill out and send the form below.
  2. Email us photos of the used item(s) to info@ghoststop.com.
  3. We will email you back an offer for your gear.
  4. You spend your new MONEY wisely but have FUN doing it!

RULES of Engagement

  • In completing this form you agree to the following:
  • You have the item in physical possession
  • You have a working email address that you check regularly
  • You agree to ship the item within 3 days of the offer
  • The item is in good working order. Minor aesthetic blemishes are okay but major flaws or non-working items will be returned immediately at your expense.
  • GhostStop will pay the owner via PayPal within a few business days once the item has arrived and confirmed to be in proper working order
  • You have a PayPal account in order to receive the funds from the sale
  • You must email at least one photo to info@ghoststop.com. Any blemishes noted should have a separate close-up photo if not obvious in the main photo. PLEASE do not sent images over 2MB in size. Our server may kick the file and we won't get it.

Tell us about yourself

PayPal username for payment:

Tell us about your gently-used item

Product Name and/or Model:
What kind of condition is it in?
Do you have all accessories and packaging?
Describe the product and condition. For MULTIPLE items list them all here.

Having trouble sending this form? Email us directly at info@ghoststop.com.