Remember the 80's arcade days? The feeling of walking into an arcade with a handful of tokens was priceless. So, we're giving you tokens every time you shop at GhostStop that you can use to buy even more great gear.

You'll never pay full price
with tokens in your back pocket!

Earn Reward Tokens with every order and save on future purchases. It's like a store rewards program - but way more rad. As a thanks to our loyal customers, when buying directly with GhostStop, you will earn loyalty points with each order that can be easily redeemed on your next order. It's like turning in a wagon-ful of skeeball tickets for a brand new Super Nintendo!

It's so easy...
  1. Placing an order automatically earns Rewards Tokens to your account
  2. Easily redeem those Tokens to save money on your next order
  3. Once redeemed the Token value is automatically deducted from your next order

It's that easy to save with GhostStop!


NOTE: Reward Token values include the current promotion. Token quantity are marked on each product which include any promotion addition calculations if applicable.

For more Reward Tokens information click on 'My Reward Tokens' on your account details page or
see our terms of use.