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USED Spirit Box RT-EVP
USED Spirit Box RT-EVP


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USED Spirit Box RT-EVP

RARE item no longer manufactured.
This is your chance to get one of the best spirit boxes ever made.

The Worlds First Real Time, Muti-Function Interactive EVP Instrument and Integrated Spirit Box Combination Device for Paranormal Research. The RT-EVP 2 Interactive digital voice recorder with simultaneous Playback was developed exclusively for paranormal research. This sleek new recorder boosts many of the essential features that paranormal enthusiasts require, which are unobtainable with the conventional products currently available. The new Model has all new, hardware and upgradeable firmware features while the original model cannot be upgraded.

The Worlds First Real Time, Muti-Function Interactive EVP Instrument and Integrated Spirit Box Combination Device for ITC Research Our Initial Production Run of this Item will be Limited.

For the first time, the unexplained phenomenon of a SPIRIT BOX, digital audio recording and live playback merge together to create the RT-EVP - the world's first and only REAL TIME digital EVP recorder designed exclusively for paranormal research. The LCD user interface and operating features are designed for ease of use and simplicity, to address the individual needs of the amateur and professional paranormal investigator alike. Researchers and investigators of the paranormal, will be able to Listen to EVP's as they occur LIVE in Real Time, and then interact immediately based on intelligent data gathered during their investigations to encourage further itheral communication. The RT-EVP runs parallel microprocessors to encode, decode and extract data from your SAVED audio file and then PLAY it back to you in a user defined, time selectable window from 1-60 seconds. One of the RT-EVP advanced features can Combine EVP's together with Frequency Sweep Simultaneously to Create the First "Hybrid" all in one Investigative Tool. For the first time, Paranormal Investigators can explore Audio down to 15Hz well beyond the normal Human hearing range of 20Hz-20KHz, for voice phenomenon in the hidden Infrasound range. The operational efficiency of the RT-EVP eliminate countless hours of audio data analysis after your investigation. You can listen, record and even repeat any suspect evidence audio sections in real time using the built in inteli-queue audio analyzer technique without interrupting your LIVE session.

Features Include:
  • Double the amount of memory! (inceased from 4G to 8G)
  • Automatic EVP Marking. This real time, viewable EVP Counter with locates and marks changes in audio to mark potential EVPs within the saved file to help you locate potential EVPs quickly and accurately without listening to hours and hours of audio.
  • Adjustable sensitivity allows the user to separate a Class "A" EVP from a Class "C" EVP. You can adjust to detect a whisper or a shout, or anywhere in between.
  • Allows the user to incorporate Number Interaction as part of their EVP session. Ask a question and watch for a response on a large numeric display.
  • Auto ON/OFF feature allows the user to pre-select a Start & Stop time for the RT. Simply place the device in a location and set it. It will turn ON and OFF at the time you selected. Plus... it will tell you if any EVP's have been captured with the corresponding time and file location
  • Enhanced Audio Amplification
  • On-board MIC included with left and right channel separation capability. This allows the user to determine origin of EVP signal strength.

  • Tested in good working condition
  • Good aesthetic condition
  • Includes RT-EVP, microphone and instructions. No packaging.

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