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USED Spirit Box RT-EVP
Real-Time Interactive EVP Spirit Box RT-EVP for Paranormal Research


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USED Spirit Box RT-EVP 2

-- RARE ITEM! Manufacturing was discontinued years ago. We came across 1 straggler :) --
Seen on Ghost Adventures

The RT-EVP is the world's first real time, muti-function interactive EVP instrument with integrated spirit box. It's a high-quality audio recorder, spirit box and data logger with tons of features allowing you to mold the unit to your own unique method.

NOT for the faint of heart.
The RT-EVP was specifically built for paranormal investigators who wish to delve into deep analysis and documentation of audio and communication. Because of that, there are tons of features and exponential ways to customize the unit for your specific needs. Yes, it can be used simply right out of the box. But you should understand that there are a ton of features and customization you can work with if you want to dive much deeper. As such, the menu might seem intimidating. But, have no fear. Once you get to know the menu you will quickly realize the powerful nature of the RT-EVP.

Features Include:
  • Saves hours of evidence review
  • High quality audio recorder
  • Built in Spirit Box FM sweep - like having a built in SB7
  • Automatic EVP marking and data logging eliminates much review time
  • Real-Time playback with adjustable delay
  • Records infrasound beyond human hearing capabilities
  • Adjustable sensitivity to distinguish a Class "A" EVP from a Class "C" EVP
  • Helps determine direction an EVP came from

Save hours of evidence review time.
Evidence review can be the longest process of any investigation. Yes, it can be tedious but, also, the most rewarding. The RT-EVP can save you hours of time by marking potential EVPs to listen to. You no longer have to listen to the entire investigation. The RT-EVP will automatically timestamp mark any potential EVPs for you so you can, if you wish, listen to just the audio marked as potential evidence. The RT-EVP does this by gauging the baseline audio in the room at the start. Any audio that spikes above that marker (which you can adjust) will be automatically marked for review. Or, you can listen to the entire investigation. It's your choice.

Make it yours.
The RT-EVP includes the ability to adjust many of the features to your wishes. From adjustments such microphone sensitivity and sweep speeds all the way to the decibel level at which it marks EVPs and playback delay you can make it your own in many ways. Like a finger print, your RT-EVP can become unique to you and your style of investigating.

For the first time, the unexplained phenomenon of a spirit box, digital audio recording and live playback merge together to create the RT-EVP - the world's first and only real-time digital EVP recorder designed exclusively for paranormal research. Listen to EVP's as they occur LIVE in real time and then interact immediately based on intelligent data gathered during their investigations to encourage further itheral communication. The RT-EVP runs parallel microprocessors to encode, decode and extract data from your saved audio file and then play it back to you in a user defined, time selectable window from 1-60 seconds. One of the RT-EVP advanced features can combine EVP's together with frequency sweep simultaneously to create the first "hybrid" all in one Investigative tool. For the first time, paranormal investigators can explore audio down to 15Hz well beyond the normal human hearing range of 20Hz-20KHz, for voice phenomenon in the hidden infrasound range. The operational efficiency of the RT-EVP eliminate countless hours of audio data analysis after your investigation. You can listen, record and even repeat any suspect evidence audio sections in real time using the built in inteli-queue audio analyzer technique without interrupting your LIVE session.

  • Tested in good working condition
  • Good aesthetic condition
  • Includes RT-EVP and instructions, no packaging

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