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Mobile Ghost Antenna
Mobile Ghost EMF Antenna


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Mobile Ghost Antenna
Turn your phone into a REAL EMF meter with this plug-in antenna.

This custom-built EMF antenna plugs directly into your mobile device to turn it into a true EMF meter. With many other helpful functions this will take paranormal investigations to a whole new level of accurate documentation with ease.

This antenna turns your phone into a proper environmental sensor that shows you WHERE spikes are coming from around you, documents, records, helps with communication sessions and so much more!
  • Gyroscope Mode Shows EMF Direction
  • Digital EMF Readout and Visual Bar
  • Glow Mode Changes Colors for Communication Sessions
  • Energy Wave Form, History and Spectrum Charts
  • Converts EMF Energy to Audible Tones
  • Record Your Sessions for Documentation and Analysis
  • FREE App Download (search "MrGhost" in app store)
What Does It Do?
There are several helpful functions within the app that take advantage of the data being retrieved from the antenna such as an EMF detector, a graph so you can monitor spikes and history. You can also record your sessions which converts EMF signals to to something you can hear and records that to an audio file. It also has a glow mode that makes the screen glow different colors when the environment changes. This mode is great for attempting communication.

Now you can see WHERE the spikes are coming from around you. If any spikes are present they will show up on the screen noting the direction like a radar screen and relative strength by color. Just follow the signal to find the source. This function alone will help you more easily locate energy sources. If there is no sourceā€¦ you may just have something paranormal!

How Does It Work?
Just plug this antenna directly into the headphone jack of your mobile device. Download and open the Mr. Ghost app and start investigating. The app is free to download in your device's app store. For iOS app download and device compatibility list go here. For Android app download and device compatibility list go here.

Mr. Ghost detects a specific type of radiation which is AC electromagnetic fields under 22500hz. It's peak frequency response depends on the type of emitter, but in some cases it can detect fields all the way down to 40hz. You'll find detectable fields coming off TVs, light switches, fluorescent lights, and a variety of other household appliances. The detection distance for Mr. Ghost depends on the emitter but many devices require you to be within a few inches, while others can be detected several feet away. See the app for more detailed use instructions.

Why do I need the Antenna? Can't I just Download the app?
Phone apps alone simply don't have the ability to detect proper environmental readings. This requires hardware a phone or pad do not have. Specifically, a cell phone is constantly emitting it's own signals in order to do the job it was made for which will interfere with the app itself. Given that, it's highly likely that the 'ghost' that popped up on the radar is the phone running some kind of function on it's own.

This device remedies all that! It collects proper environmental data shielded from phone interference and sends it directly to the phone for analysis. This sleek little antenna was developed to give mobile devices the information it needs to detect proper environmental readings.

Choose Your Color

Comes in multiple colors. See the dropdown menu above when adding to cart for available colors.

8/15/13 - App updated for iPhone: Added new EMF sensitivity adjustment slider

*note: purchase is for one antenna only and does not include phone as seen in the above photos.

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