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K2 with Shadow Detection
K2 with Shadow Detection


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New K2 with Shadow Detection (K2-SDD)

This K2 EMF meter with shadow detection alerts you to changes in EM frequencies and changes in light to alert you in the event of shadow activity. This added feature will help you quickly be alerted to EMF and light changes.

  • EMF Meter with traditional K2 5-light scale
  • Shadow detection system that alerts you to shadows with changing audible tones
  • Tone goes up with increase of light and lower tone for decrease in light
  • Simple on/off switches for EMF, SDD feature and sensitivity independently
  • Color changing light to indicate changes in light

It comes with a separate LED light source that can be used. Place the K2 meter on one side of the room and the LED light on the opposite side to detect shadows (or light changes) that may occur between the two units. The unit alerts you to changes in light with a changing beeping tone. LED light on the site also changes to give a visual alert of changes in light: green for increase / red for decrease.

This NEW model has the same great, easy to use and quick function of the past model with a great new look in black. This model also has the toggle on/off button, so you no longer have to hold the button down to keep it on like past models. It also uses separate toggle switches on the side of the unit to turn on/off the SDD and adjust the sensitivity.
GhostStop Ghost Hunting Equipment Demo: K2 Meters
  • Push Tab to Turn "On" Push Tab to Turn "Off"
  • Easy to read Multi-Segment LED Display
  • Detects the ELF range (50 to 1,000Hz) & VLF range (1,000 to 20,000Hz)
  • Five level milliGauss ranges
  • 50 & 60 Hz operation
  • 9 Volt dc Operation
  • Single Axis
  • Accuracy of ±5% at 50-60Hz
  • Instantaneous Response To EMF Fluctuations & Spikes
  • SDD (Shadow Detection Device) detects changes in light
  • Changing tone to signify increase or decrease in light
  • LED light changes color to alert of light changes: green for increase / red for decrease

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