Ghost Tours in Saint Cloud, FL

Experience the history and the haunted past of Historic Downtown Saint Cloud, Florida. Known as Soldier City, Saint Cloud was formed in the 1870s resided primarily by veteran soldiers. With an interesting past including massive fires forcing some buildings to be completely rebuilt, Saint Cloud is a great place to explore both in it's history and it's haunted past.

- Ghost Tours
- Actual investigations of historic buildings
- Learn and explore with an experience team of investigators
- Bring your own equipment or we can supply you while you're here
- More details and schedule coming soon...

This WILL NOT be your average ghost tour! We are planning some great things to come which will be an experience you can only get with the experienced GhostStop crew.

Because these tours will be hosted by GhostStop, you will be learning and investigating with experienced paranormal investigators. GhostStop makes and supplies equipment to TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters International, Fact or Faked in addition to ghost hunting teams all over the world. So, when you investigate with GhostStop, you know you're learning from an experienced crew.