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DVR-Cable-QS100B   100' Video/Power DVR Combo Cable
DVR-Cam-Eco   100ft Night Vision DVR Camera
360-Package-CamRig   360° Camera Rig Package
360-Package-CamRig-GoPros   360° Camera Rig Package - GP
360-Package-CamRig-Standard   360° Camera Rig Package - ST
360-Puck-IRLight   360° Puck Infrared Light
360-Puck-LaserGridGS1   360° Puck Laser Grid
DVR-Package-GS4CamPackage   4-Channel DVR Package
DVR-Package-8Cam   8-Cam DVR Package
Battery-FSPOVCam   Battery for POV Camcorder
Kit-Beginner   Beginner Ghost Hunting Kit
Kit-BooBuddy   BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit
Trigger-BooBuddy2   BooBuddy Interactive Bear
Trigger-BooBuddy   BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear
DVR-JackReel-3   Cable Reel
Battery-USBBatteryPack   Camera Power Pack
Accessories-MelCase   Carrying Case
Lighting-Creepy-IR2   Compact IR Light
DIYKit-EMFMeter   DIY EMF Meter Kit
Camcorder-FSDualCam   Dual Full Spectrum & Normal Light Camcorder
Kit-FSVideo-DualCam   Dual Full Spectrum Video Package
Lighting-Creepy-Dual-FSIR   Dual IR & Full Spectrum Light
Lighting-BescorVB50   Dual Universal Shoe Mount
EMF-EDIMeter   EDI Meter
EMF-ELFZone   ELF Meter
Kit-EMFLaserGrid   EMF & Laser Grid Kit
EVP-EVPBandRecorder2   EVP Wrist Recorder 2
Camcorder-MiniTripod   Flexible Tripod
ThermCam-Flir-E4   FLIR E4 Thermal Camera
ThermCam-Flir-E40   FLIR E40 Wifi Thermal With Video
ThermCam-Flir-E5   FLIR E5 Thermal Camera
ThermCam-Flir-E50   FLIR E50 Wifi Thermal With Video
ThermCam-Flir-E6   FLIR E6 Thermal Camera
ThermCam-Flir-E60   FLIR E60 Wifi Thermal With Video
ThermCam-Flir-iPhone   FLIR One Thermal Cam
ThermCam-Flir-TG165   FLIR Thermal Cam TG165
Motion-FootstepTracker   Footstep Tracker
Camera-FSFUJI-FullSpectrum   Full Spectrum Camera
Camera-FSCAM-Slvr-FullSpectrum   Full Spectrum Digital Camera
DVR-FSDVRCam-Pro   Full Spectrum DVR Camera
Camcorder-FSPOV-Mid   Full Spectrum GoPro 4 Silver
Camcorder-FSVID-RED-FullSpctrm   Full Spectrum HD Camcorder + Light
Lighting-Creepy-FS   Full Spectrum Light
Camcorder-FSPOVCam   Full Spectrum POV Cam
Kit-FSVideo-Standard   Full Spectrum Video Package ST
Apparel-GadgetHolster   Gadget Holster
Shirt-GHCreep-GHM00003   GH Creep T-Shirt
Shirt-GHHat-GHM00039   GH Ghostly Hat
Shirt-GHHoodie-TPM00052   GH Steel PF
Shirt-GHIEnglishManor-GIM00004   GHI English Manor T-Shirt
Shirt-GHIGargoyle-GIM00148LS   GHI Gargoyle LS T-Shirt
Kit-EMFGhostBox   Ghost Box & EMF Kit
EVP-FaradayPouch   Ghost Box Faraday Cage Pouch
BOOK-GhostHuntingTAPS   Ghost Files by Jason and Grant
Tour-InvestigationTagAlong   Ghost Hunt Investigation Tag-Along
Shirt-GHIHat   Ghost Hunters International Hat
GH-GHLogoKeychainRubber   Ghost Hunters Keychain
BOOK-GhostHuntingFlorida   Ghost Hunting Florida
Kit-GoKit   Ghost Hunting Go-Kit
BOOK-GhostTownTAPS   Ghost Town Jason and Grant
GB-GhostbustersBoardGame   Ghostbusters Board Game - EXCLUSIVE EDITION
GB-Ecto1   Ghostbusters Ecto-1
GB-GhostbustersMug   Ghostbusters Mug
GB-SinginStayPuftKeychain   Ghostbusters Singing Stay Puft
GB-SlimerPlush   Ghostbusters Slimer Plush
GB-StayPuftBank   Ghostbusters Stay Puft Bank
Apparel-GhostnadoTee   Ghostnado T-Shirt
Camcorder-RoverCam   GhostRover Night Vision Cam
Apparel-TShirt-GhostWerePeople   Ghosts Were People Too T-Shirt
Apparel-GSBallCap   GhostStop Ballcap
Apparel-GSCamoHat   GhostStop Camouflage Hat
Apparel-GSHat   GhostStop Hat
Apparel-LogoHoodie   GhostStop Logo Hoodie
Apparel-LogoTee   GhostStop Logo Tee
Lighting-GSFlashlight   GS Flashlight
Apparel-GusGlowTee   Gus Glow T-Shirt
Fun-GSGusKeychain   Gus Glowing Keychain
Apparel-GusHoodie   Gus Hoodie
Apparel-GusShieldTee   Gus Shield T-Shirt
Fun-GusFigure   Gus The Ghost Figure
Apparel-GusBustersTee   GusBusters T-Shirt
DVR-Package-HD4Cam   HD 4-Cam DVR Package
Apparel-HereGhostyTee   Here Ghosty T-Shirt
Accessories-HotshoeMount   Hotshoe Mount
BOOK-HowToHuntGhosts   How to Hunt Ghosts: A Practical Guide
SOFT-InvReport-Investigator   Investigation Report Template - Investigator
SOFT-InvReport-TeamLead   Investigation Report Template - Team Lead
Lighting-Creepy-IR4   IR Light
EMF-K2-WithSound   K2 Deluxe With Sound Alert
EMF-K2   K2 EMF Meter
Apparel-KeepCalmGhostHunt   Keep Calm & Ghost Hunt T-Shirt
Laser-LaserGridTripodPACKAGE   Laser Grid and Tripod PACKAGE
Laser-LaserGrid-GS1   Laser Grid GS1
Laser-GreenGrid   Laser Grid Scope
Laser-HeadWithTripod   Laser Mount Head With Tripod
Laser-Clamp   Laser Scope Clamp
Kit-Learner   Learner Ghost Hunting Kit
EMF-Mel-8704R   Mel Meter
EMF-MelProbe   Mel Replacement Probe
Motion-MotionSensorAlarm   Motion Sensor Alarm
Kit-NightVisionVideo-Standard   Night Vision Video Package ST
EVP-Olympus   Olympus EVP Recorder with USB and LIVE Listening
Fun-OrbInABottle   Orb In A Bottle
Fun-Silly Bands   Paranormal Silly Bands
Case-BPL1600B   Pelican Gear Case With Foam 23.25" x 20.75" x 9"
Case-BPL1650B   Pelican Gear Case With Foam 30.75" x 20.50" x 11.62"
Kit-Pro   Pro Ghost Hunting Kit
Lighting-Creepy-Red4   Red Light
EMF-REMPod   REM Pod with Temp
Apparel-SoftGhostyTShirt   Soft Ghosty T-Shirt
EVP-Speaker   Speaker for EVP & Ghost Boxes
EVP-RT-EVP   Spirit Box RT-EVP 2
EVP-PSB11   Spirit Box SB11
EVP-PSB7   Spirit Box SB7
Shirt-TAPSHat-TPM051111   TAPS Days Of Old Hat
Shirt-TAPSScream-TPM00011   TAPS Scream T-Shirt
Case-GSCase-Small   Tough Gear Case
Kit-ToughGear   Tough Ghost Hunting Kit
Apparel-TrapSlime   Uncontainable Ecto T-Shirt
Case-VanguardVGC13   Vanguard VGC-13 Aluminum Gear Case 18' x 13' x 7'
Tour-WalkingTourStCloud   Walking Ghost Tour
Lighting-Creepy-IRFlood   Wide-Angle IR Light
EVP-ZoomH4N   Zoom 360° Audio Recorder

Page: 1 was formed by a paranormal investigator for paranormal investigators to help provide the best ghost hunting equipment available for the best prices. We have taken the time to test out much of our equipment and offer only what we consider the best equipment for ghost hunting. The 'Our Picks' section features a handful of ghost hunting equipment we use on every investigation.

We offer a wide selection of ghost hunting equipment from EMF meters, digital voice recorders (for EVP), thermometers, thermal cameras, DVR video systems with night vision, equipment cases, digital cameras and video cameras to paranormal magazines, books, DVDs, ghost hunter apparel and more.